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Top Signs of Wisdom Tooth Infection

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Although approximately 85% of people will need to have their wisdom teeth removed at some point, some people won’t have a problem with these third molars and will leave them in. When your wisdom teeth don’t have room to come in all the way, they may only erupt through the gums partially, or push horizontally against the other teeth. Either way, these impacted wisdom teeth can cause damage through crowding or problems with the gum tissue. Partially erupted wisdom teeth can cause bacteria to grow, causing pericoronitis, or an infection in your wisdom teeth.

What are the signs of a wisdom tooth infection? Here’s what you need to look out for!

An article by Dr. Thomas Bucker. Originally published by Your Dental Health Resource.

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Teeth-Friendly Foods Your Child Is Sure to Love

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Your child’s primary teeth are just as important as their adult teeth. Their baby teeth set the stage for the permanent teeth to come in properly. Plus, having your child take care of their teeth sets up future habits that will last for life.

Brushing and flossing are great, but what about the foods your child eats? Diet hugely impacts oral health. Having your kids eat the right foods and develop healthy snacking habits can not only help protect their smile from tooth decay, but strengthen it to be healthy for life.

Here are some of the top teeth-friendly foods your child is sure to love!

An article by Dr. Thomas Bucker. Originally published by Your Dental Health Resource.


Why Has One of My Teeth Become Discolored?

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You want all your teeth to be the same color. It’s understandable—even one tooth that’s a different color sticks out, especially if it’s one of your front teeth. Teeth that become discolored do so for a reason, so it’s always best to get that tooth checked out by your dentist. What are some of the reasons that teeth become discolored? Here’s a list of the top ways one of your teeth can turn brown, yellow, or gray.

An article by Dr. Thomas Bucker. Originally published by Your Dental Health Resource.

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Your Feedback Is Very Important to Us!

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Some of the best feedback our team can receive are the kind reviews from our patients.

“I can’t say enough good things about this office! Dr. Bucker and his staff have went above and beyond to help me achieve the smile i wanted! Not only am I very impressed with Dr. Bucker but his assistant Melissa, the front desk girls and hygienist are all wonderful! I feel very lucky to have found not just a talented dentist but one who is just as kind! I have recommend several people to the office and they are all happy as well!”


Carpathian Dental Is Proud to Be the Official Dentist for Our New Binghamton Devils

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Carpathian Dental is proud to welcomes the Binghamton Devils, our new professional ice hockey team in the American Hockey League. The team will play in Binghamton, New York at the Floyd L. Maines Veterans Memorial Arena, and as with our previous team, the Binghamton Senators, Carpathian Dental will continue to serve as the official dentist for the Binghamtom Devils.

Our entire Carpathian staff is excited to support our new local team with comprehensive dental care, from regular cleanings to more advanced cosmetic dentistry and dental restorations.

Go Devils!!!!

Are Dentures Only for Older People?

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Dentures are replacements for your natural teeth that are budget-friendly, easy to use, and help you have a natural smile again. They also help you to speak and chew properly when you’re missing some or all of your natural teeth.

Although dentures tend to be common among older people, the truth is that dentures are an effective tooth replacement for just about anyone. Here’s why.

An article by Dr. Thomas Bucker. Originally published by Your Dental Health Resource.

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Patient Satisfaction Is Our Priority!

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Patient satisfaction is the foundation of our practice, and these kind words mean a great deal to us. 

“This place is top notch! Lisa is the best dental hygienist I have ever had. I don’t normally have a strong opinion of healthcare professionals, but she really goes above and beyond to form a relationship with her patients and make sure they feel relaxed and comfortable. She is so warm and always happy. She felt like a trustworthy friend after just one visit!
My dentist was Dr. Bucker and the experience was always very pleasant. Thankfully, I didn’t need any actual work done so our time together was limited, but, if I did I would have 100% confidence in Dr. Bucker.
I recently moved out of the area and just had a terrible experience with one of those “chain” dental groups. I felt homesick for this dental group immediately. It is hard to find high-quality trustworthy healthcare. This place is definitely it.”


Unexpected Signs That You May Have Sleep Apnea

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Sleep apnea affects millions of Americans and often goes undiagnosed. This is because sleep apnea has symptoms that can mimic other disorders. From headaches and fatigue to mood swings and depression, sleep apnea might be tricky to diagnose, but it’s so important that you get a proper diagnosis. Besides the common symptoms of sleep apnea, here are some of the more unexpected symptoms that could mean you have this chronic sleep disorder.

An article by Dr. Thomas Bucker. Originally published by Your Dental Health Resource.


We Love Hearing from Our Patients!

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We encourage you to see for yourself what our patients have said about us. 

“I have been going to Carpathian Dental for 30 years.. They started off in the Oakdale mall and moved to the hill… I have never wandered anywhere else for dental work, because they make you a family, your not a number or a recognizable face. The staff knows you by name and always so helpful… I will go here for another 30+years with my kids.. Thank you CD for all that you do.. You are truly the best!!!”


Are Genetics to Blame for Poor Dental Health?

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It’s common knowledge that our genes affect just about everything about our bodies. The way we look, our risk factors for certain diseases, and even our smiles are the result of our unique genetic makeup. Recently, researchers have been examining the link between poor oral health and the genes you received from your parents. Are genetics to blame for your dental health? Let’s find out!

An article by Dr. Thomas Bucker. Originally published by Your Dental Health Resource.