We frequently see patients who have been missing teeth for years. These patients’ lives have been severely impacted by their missing teeth, and yet they don’t seek help for their smile. Some patients don’t realize that they could effectively replace their missing teeth without the use of dentures.

One patient found that dental implants were the answer she’d been looking for. “I hadn’t smiled in years because I was embarrassed of my teeth,” she shared with us. Her self-confidence was poor, and she was worried that her lack of teeth would continue to impact her image for the rest of her life.

After receiving multiple dental implants at our dental office in Johnson City, the results couldn’t have been better. The patient now smiles constantly and no one can tell that the dental implants are not her real teeth. That’s how seamlessly dental implants fit with your smile. Another important aspect of dental implants is their functionality: dental implants are the sturdiest replacements for your natural teeth out there.

The patient can now enjoy all the foods she did before she lost her teeth. Best of all, her confidence has skyrocketed because she feels how beautiful her smile is—inside and out.