Even though there are a lot of temptations during the holidays to eat sweets and neglect your oral care in favor of late-night snacks, it’s possible to keep your smile healthy and cavity-free as the year comes to an end.

You don’t have to skip brushing and flossing just to make time for family, friends, and parties. Here’s how you can minimize damage to your smile this holiday!

Keep to Your Schedule

Many people experience schedule changes this time of year which can make it easy to miss brushing their teeth here and there. However, you want to keep to your routine as much as possible to avoid hurting your teeth and gums.

Be sure to continue to brush for two minutes two times a day and floss just once a day. Keep a spare toothbrush on hand just in case a family member accidentally uses yours or you lose it while traveling.

If you have kids, you can set a good example by keeping your teeth healthy through sticking to your oral care routine. Remind kids that just because they may be on vacation doesn’t mean bacteria and plaque are!

Eat Veggies

Yes, there are plenty of cookies and candy canes this time of year, but there should be vegetables too!

Look for vegetable or fruit platters at holiday gatherings. If you know there won’t be many healthy options at the event you’re attending, offer to bring a dish that’s tooth-friendly.

You can have sweets, but enjoy some veggies while celebrating and know that your smile will thank you.

Stay Hydrated

You can help protect your smile this holiday simply by sipping water. Water does a lot more for your teeth and gums than you think.

Saliva prevents sugars and other acidic foods and drinks such as alcohol from attacking your tooth enamel. When you’re dehydrated from neglecting water or sipping alcohol, your tooth enamel could be under attack.

Staying hydrated and having water with your alcoholic drink, after sweets, or in-between meals can help keep your oral cavity protected.

Protect Your Smile

Watch out for things that can hurt your teeth over winter break—think opening packages or cracking open nuts with your teeth. Don’t use your teeth as tools!

If you’re playing sports with the family or your child is spending their days off playing sports with friends, consider investing in a custom mouthguard. You can never be too safe when it comes to your smile.

See Your Dentist

Even during the hectic season that it is, this is an excellent opportunity to see your dentist.

You can get any issues with your smile addressed before going away with family, reducing the chances you’ll experience a dental emergency and will need to seek help. The kids are about to be out of school, so take advantage of this time and schedule a dentist visit for your little ones.

This is also the perfect time to treat yourself and have your smile look its best this holiday. A professional checkup can spot and resolve problems, a cleaning can remove stains, and you may even choose to splurge for a professional teeth whitening!

We Look Forward to Seeing You!

Schedule a visit with us at Carpathian Dental. We’re happy to help you keep your smile beautiful this holiday season and all year long. Our professional dentists Dr. Bucker, Dr. Aronson, and Dr. Sprague are ready to ensure you enjoy the holidays pain-free and with a winning smile.

Enjoy your holiday season and have a Happy New Year!