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1. Is There Pain Involved?

There usually isn’t any pain during the procedure. If you are concerned with the pain level, ask the dentist if you any anaesthetic treatment is possible.

2. Is There Discomfort When I Get Home?

When you get home from having the implants placed, you might have swollen gums of some mild discomfort. This can be remedied with an over the counter medication.

3. How Long Will It Take?

This will all depend on how many implants are placed and how fast the dentist can work. A typical implant takes less than an hour.

4. Can I Eat With Implants?

After the implants are in place, you might need to eat soft foods. After a few days, you can usually eat a normal diet.

5. How Long Will Implants Take To Place From Start To Finish?

The entire process takes anywhere from one to nine months. The length of time depends on how fast your gums heal and how soon the crowns can be made. The implants will heal to the bone, which is what will take the longest.

6. How Long Will Implants Last?

Most implants will last for decades. Some last as long as 40 years if you take proper care of the teeth.

7. What If There Is A Problem?

One of the problems that might arise is that you would be allergic to the metal, which is usually titanium, that is placed in the jaw. This is something rare, but it’s not unheard of, so you need to keep in the back of your mind that anything could happen.

8. Will Insurance Cover Implants?

If the implants are medically necessary, then most insurance companies will cover the cost. However, if the procedure is listed as cosmetic, then the company might not pay for the procedure. You need to look at the long-term cost of having teeth instead of the short-term of having a tooth pulled. While an extraction is less expensive, you will be missing a tooth in that area.

9. Will I Be Asleep?

In most cases, you won’t be asleep while the implants are placed.

10. Is The Work Done In The Office?

The implants will be placed in a dental office. You likely won’t need to go to any kind of outpatient office for the work to be done.

Dental Implant Procedure


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