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1. What Is A Root Canal?

This is a dental procedure where the nerve of the tooth is repaired because it has become infected or damaged. The pulp of the tooth is removed, and the canal is filled.

2. Does It Hurt?

There could be some pain involved, but the dentist will provide an anesthetic in the form of a gel or medication administered through an injection into the gum.

3. How Do I Know I Need A Root Canal?

If you have any sensitivity to temperatures of foods or drinks, a dull ache or pain with a tooth or any discomfort that can wake you up at night, then you need to get the dentist to examine the tooth to determine if there is damage.

4. What Can Be Expected At The First Appointment?

The dentist will take an x-ray of the teeth to see which one needs a root canal. The procedure will be discussed, and you might be given an antibiotic to take to get rid of as much infection as possible.

4. What Can Be Expected At The First Appointment?

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5. Is There Pain When I Get Home?

Most pain will go away within 48 hours. You might have some sensitivity to hot or cold items until the tooth is completely healed, but this usually goes away within a few days.

6. Is There A Benefit Compared To Getting A Tooth Pulled?

If you get a tooth pulled, then you won’t have a tooth in the mouth. When you get a root canal, you might have a small amount of discoloration, but at least you will still have the tooth.

7. Is There Anything Else Besides A Root Canal?

You might be able to take an antibiotic, but the only other option is getting the tooth pulled. If you continue with the tooth aching and infected, then the infection could spread to other areas of the mouth.

8. What Is Involved?

The area of the mouth is numbed. A hole is made through the top of the tooth in order to remove the pulp from the middle. All of the canals in the tooth are cleaned. Back teeth have two to four while front ones have one. A compatible material is used to fill the canal.

9. Can I Avoid A Root Canal?

The best way to prevent needing a root canal is by taking care of the teeth. This involves brushing and flossing. Avoid foods that have a high sugar and acid content.

10. What Do I Do After The Procedure?

Try not to eat on the side of the mouth with the root canal until a permanent filling is placed. Take pain relievers as needed. Go back to the dentist to get the permanent filling or crown when it’s ready to be placed.

What is a Root Canal Treatment


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