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Are Genetics to Blame for Poor Dental Health?

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It’s common knowledge that our genes affect just about everything about our bodies. The way we look, our risk factors for certain diseases, and even our smiles are the result of our unique genetic makeup. Recently, researchers have been examining the link between poor oral health and the genes you received from your parents. Are genetics to blame for your dental health? Let’s find out!

An article by Dr. Thomas Bucker. Originally published by Your Dental Health Resource.




Changing Lives: Health for Haiti effort earns ADHA’s Student Community Service Award

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Originally published by SUNY Broome.


In much of rural Haiti, dental care simply doesn’t exist – but that doesn’t mean the need isn’t there.haiti1

Teeth still break, become infected or require cleaning, whether or not a dentist’s office is readily available. And in a country where many people lack adequate access to food, shelter, clean water and sanitation, all too often dental needs are pushed aside until they reach crisis proportions.


Enter SUNY Broome’s Health for Haiti global service learning program. The Winter Term class has brought a range of assistance to the communities it serves in the island nation, working with local volunteers to provide a water filtration system, solar power, computers and computer literacy courses, opportunities for community agriculture, bathroom facilities and more.


When these communities requested dental services, SUNY Broome’s Dental Hygiene program sprang into action. The class assisted with efforts to provide dental services and education to more than 800 Haitians – 80 adults and 750 children – during the 10-day trip in January. They solicited more than $47,000 worth of dental supplies to run the program – a necessity in areas that may lack electricity, running water and appropriate lighting – and provided nearly $34,000 in donated dental services in the country.


For their efforts, the SUNY Broome Dental Hygiene Program received the prestigious American Dental Hygiene Association (ADHA) 2016 Student Community Service Award. The award was presented at the ADHA Annual session in Pittsburgh, Pa., in June, with a feature article following in the October ADHA Access Journal.

The entire class participated in fundraising, soliciting dental supplies from dental supply companies, collecting donated over-the-counter supplies, organizing supplies and instruments, and packing for the trip. And we’re not just talking toothbrushes; equipment included portable dental chairs, x-ray equipment and ultrasonic units were packed and used in Haiti.


Five dental hygiene students went to the island nation to supply dental services. They included Kathryn Birmingham, Shannon Curley, Allison Fitzgerald, Sarah Mannina and Amy Squier. There they joined Dental Hygiene Professor Maureen Hankin, who established Health for Haiti with Professor Jennifer Musa, and Dr. Thomas Bucker, the supervising dentist with SUNY Broome’s Dental Hygiene Program.


Health assessments, oral exams, extractions, cleanings and more: The SUNY Broome team helped in any way they could. Four out of the program’s 10 days in the field was dedicated to dental care – with each work day lasting 12 hours. Overall, the Dental Hygiene class donated more than 250 hours of service for the project.

“Our SUNY Broome dental hygiene students were terrific. They gave and they gave during this extraordinary learning experience,” Professor Hankin said. “They will never see such a large population of underserved dental patients and will never be more appreciated for their efforts.”

Pictured from left to right: American Dental Hygienist Association President, Jill Rethman SUNY Broome Dental Hygiene Students Sarrah Minnia Amy Squier Kathryn Birmingham Allison Fitzgerald Shannon Curley SUNY Broome Dental Hygiene Professor, Maureen Hankin
Pictured from left to right:
American Dental Hygienist Association President, Jill Rethman
SUNY Broome Dental Hygiene Students
Sarrah Minnia
Amy Squier
Kathryn Birmingham
Allison Fitzgerald
Shannon Curley
SUNY Broome Dental Hygiene Professor, Maureen Hankin

The SUNY Broome group left behind their dental supplies and equipment for Haitian dentists to help with continuing care. Community leaders in Haiti were also pleased with the oral health interventions, and would very much like the program to return in future years.

The Dental Hygiene students also came home with a new understanding of what it means to be global citizens, as well as top-notch dental professionals.

“I thought the experiences in Haiti were life-changing. One moment in particular that moved me to tears was when the children outside the building where we were providing the dental services were doing a tooth-brushing motion outside of the windows, asking for us to hand them out toothbrushes,” Kathryn Birmingham said. “It made me so sad because these are things that so many people in our country take for granted and the sweet children there were so grateful for what we consider to be the simplest of things.

“I still think about that moment all the time and hope that the supplies and services we provided made an impact on at least some of the great people of Haiti’s lives,” she continued. “I have been thinking about everyone in Haiti since the recent hurricane and am hoping they are receiving as much help as possible.”

What Dentists Teach Your Children

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You may believe dentists just check your children for cavities, but they do more than that. Dentists teach your kids proper dental health, ranging from nutrition to brushing and flossing. Continue reading to learn about these and other ways dentists help youngsters.



Welcome to the New CDA Website!

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We welcome you to the brand new Carpathian Dental Associates website. Come in and take a look!




In an ever-present effort to remain a step ahead and communicate quality to our patients, we are pleased to reveal our brand new Carpathian Dental Associates website! With new pages displaying our flexible scheduling and payment options as well as a variety of new treatments, we are renewing our commitment to our patients on every level. We have also added helpful links and answers to our patients most frequently asked questions. We believe that a patient centered focus is the backbone of any successful practice, and we hope that our new look and feel communicates just that. 

Navigate through our pages and explore the new look of Carpathian Dental! And as always, stay-tuned for our frequent blog postings to see what’s new with us, our involvement in the community, and dental health topics that are sure to help you smile a little brighter!