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How Nail Biting Affects Your Teeth

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Nail biting is a habit that can begin in childhood and continue through your adult life. While many children grow out of nail biting, others are never able to cease this practice. People have many reasons for chewing on their nails—whether it’s out of anxiety or just a way to trim them, this bad habit is more harmful than you think. Here’s how nail biting affects your smile!

An article by Dr. Thomas Bucker. Originally published by Your Dental Health Resource.

Read the full article here: HOW NAIL BITING AFFECTS YOUR TEETH

Carpathian Dental Delivers All Smiles for the Binghamton Senators

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As another season comes to an end, the doctors and staff at Carpathian Dental bid a sad farewell to the AHL Binghamton Senators, as they relocate to Belleville, Canada and be closer to Ottawa.It was a privilege treating the players and getting to know them as they progress in their professional careers.  To help protect the players’ teeth, we made custom mouthguards for most of the Senators.  However, give that hockey is a rough contact sport, a few players sacrificed their front teeth for the good of the team.

One of our Carpathian dentists is at each of the team’s home games cheering behind the Senators bench, ready to help in an emergency.  Several of the Binghamton Senators have been called up to the NHL Ottawa Senators and it is exciting to watch them play and pursue their quest for The Stanley Cup. We wish them all the best!

Going forward, we are pleased to announce, and welcome the opportunity to be the team dentists for our new AHL affiliate, the Binghamton Devils for 2018. Go Devils!

Dr. Hayes Aronson on the Carpathian Dental Family

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In the beginning of my career all my efforts were devoted to mastering all that I had learned in Dental School while building a practice and assimilating into the Broome County community life. Of course raising a family and being a husband and father occupied almost all the rest of my free time. I was extremely busy, and often overwhelmed by the amount of it all.

As the years moved on and I became increasingly confident in my dental abilities and the success of our practice , I realized that despite the workload and demand, there were so many things that I loved about coming to the office.

I loved my patients and the interactions I was able to have with them in the chair. I loved my staff and the way we could provide hard work, with fun and great interaction. As important as each dental procedure was, the interaction with the patient and my staff had become as equally important to me. The time spent with them reminded me of the importance of what I do, and the way I am able to give back to my community in such a personal way.

My assistant has been with me for 28 of my 34 years of practice, and together we map out each day’s adventure with each patient before they even arrive. Most of the staff has been with the Carpathian Dental family for at least 20 years, and we hardly ever experience turnover.

Yes the office can be noisy at times. The sounds of the front desk staff interacting with patients and the hygienists sharing a good laugh can fill the halls, but I welcome it and could not imagine it any other way.

Dr. Bucker and I have often commented that we are not the best businessmen and we don’t attribute our successful practice to good business skills, however what we do have is a great family environment where the team extremely enjoys their jobs, their practice, and most importantly their patients. After 34 years of practicing here in Johnson City, New York, I remain extremely grateful for the level of care and compassion my team and I are able to deliver to our patients.

I can only hope that we all can continue to make Carpathian Dental an enjoyable and productive experience for many years to come.

Hayes Aronson